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hair loss for women

What is the prevalence of hair loss in the world population? What should I do if I have, or know somebody with hair loss?

What percentage of the population wants to know about hair loss in the world? International Hair Institute quoted a set of statistics, the international travel review website launched the world hair loss map, the result of the Czech Republic became the world’s hair loss “champion”, 42.7% of adult men in the capital of Prague, hair loss, followed by Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia and Canada. The two countries with the most serious hair loss in Asia, are Japan and China, occupying 14th and 15th respectively in the World Hair Loss. It can be seen that Europe is the “hardest hit” for hair loss.

hair transplant men

What is the world’s hair loss population? There is no accurate figure yet. It can only be estimated. International Hair Institute is based on the world’s population of 7.53 billion as of 2017 (Source 1). Among them, the adult male is about 3.7 Billion (Source 2), because hair loss mainly occurs in adult men. The prevalence of hair loss in the world is uneven. The prevalence of male hair loss in adult countries in Europe and America is 30% or 40%, while the prevalence of male hair loss in African countries is also a few percent. We assume that the average hair loss rate of adult men worldwide is 15%, then the world the population affected by hair loss is 420 million.

Frequency 50% of males, 25% of females (pattern hair loss by 50)

(Source 3 and Source 4)

Some Americans may find it difficult to accept the figure of 420 million, because many US implanted clinics say that the number of people with hair loss in the United States is 50 million (Source needed). Does the population of hair loss in the United States account for 12% of the world? The total population of the United States accounts for about 4% of the global population.

What International Hair Institute wants to tell you is that some organizations say that the American hair loss population is seriously inaccurate. There are N versions in this number. These versions are all from the anti-hair loss and hair transplant institutions. They all have the purpose of “exaggerating the enemy” to force the patients to treat. They are for commercial and marketing purposes only, and are seriously untrustworthy. According to IHIclinic’s projections, the population of hair loss in the United States is about 20 million. In this regard, the United States hair loss population accounts for almost quarter of the world’s hair loss population.

International Hair Institute resolutely opposes the method of exaggerating the loss of population to seduce patients to seek medical treatment or to seek commercial interests by exaggerating the problem of hair loss.

Judging from a variety of data, the population of hair loss in the world has increased dramatically in recent years. On the one hand, the large population of the world population has increased, and the population of hair loss has increased. On the one hand, environmental pollution and a tense life rhythm have made the population of hair loss popular and younger. Hair loss seriously affects the image, and in this regard, the image of people all over the world is “continuously worsening.”

How to attack the spread of the world’s hair loss population? That is to cure hair loss. The effect of treatment is different effects in different ways. Drugs are have a limitation to success, and require lifelong usage, but they do work to a certain degree, wigs maybe not be the ideal solution, but for some the only option, and hair transplantation is the most ideal, effective, permanent, longterm solution to the problem of hair loss.

The hair transplanted is resistant to DHT (The most common cause of male pattern hair loss) and is therefore most ideal for treating areas that are affected by this, making the hair transplant a high success and permanent treatment that lasts for a lifetime.

It is precisely for this reason that hair transplant surgery in many countries in the world has become a powerful weapon against the high incidence of hair loss.

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