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Jucing for Hair Growth

Jucing for Hair Growth Fresh Juice Cleanses are making a more prominent mark in the world of health and nutrition as more and more fitness enthusiasts are going on juice cleanses and incorporating juicing as part of their meal preparation. Consuming fresh fruit juice is just as healthy as eating whole fruits and vegetables. Some

Give Yourself the Gift of Hair Restoration

It’s that time of year again! The streets are glowing with festive holiday lights, coffee shops are selling your favorite drinks, and the positive vibrations of holiday cheer is in the crisp winter air. It is a time to remember and appreciate the people that come into your life. Along with the long list of loved

Elon Musk’s Hair Restoration – Hair Blog | International Hair Institute

Best known for his groundbreaking achievements with Tesla, PayPal, and Space X, Elon Musk ranks as number 40 in the world’s richest people! His revolutionary visions made into reality has kept his name on the tongues of millions worldwide throughout the past two decades. Recently, Musk has been making headlines for reasons other than his

LeBron James’s Hair Falls Out! IHI Can Restore It!

NBA superstar, LeBron James was always admired for his talent on the court but had always been humiliated and criticized for his receding hairline since the beginning of his basketball career. To counter against the jokes made about him by the press, the NBA Legend wore hair pieces and hair fibers to cover up his

How to Choose a Beard Style | Beard Trends 2019

A man can look 100 times more attractive with a beard. Getting dense facial hair is the obsession of men all over the universe in this day and age. Many guys are opting for beard transplants to achieve a more masculine and fashion forward look. However, supporting the beard trend is useless if one doesn’t

Line Up + Receding Hairline Solution | Men’s Hair Trends 2019

Line up haircuts combined with a fade have been the hottest men’s hairstyle trend of the year. Guys have been pouring into barbershops to request the clean and angular look shaved into their hairlines and beards. The line-up, otherwise known as a shape-up or edge-up looks flattering on most face shapes and hair types. If

How to Grow your Hair | 10 Tips for Faster Hair Growth

1. Hair Growth Foods When you eat healthy, your hair and body will thank you. Eating the right foods will provide your hair follicles with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow long and strong. Be sure that you are taking in a proper calorie count, 1,200 – 2500 for men and 1,200 –

DIY Protein Hair Mask for Hair Growth & Dryness

DIY Protein Hair Mask for Hair Growth & Dryness Isn’t it amazing how much money people drop on hair products? I mean, it is understandable. Who doesn’t want their hair to look its best? Unfortunately many hair products that claim to grow one’s hair or repair any damage fail to work and are way overpriced.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential Oils are popular for a reason. They calm your senses when you inhale them and help to heal your minor scratches and burns. You can use them to add flavor to your cooking and for those of us who are running thin up top, it can be used topically to stimulate hair growth. Over

Why to Go Through Eyebrow Sculpting Surgery

Eyebrow Sculpting Good structured eyebrows add a lot of beauty to a face. Women who over plucked their eyebrows in the 90’s and early 2000’s are celebrating grow thick, bold brows by growing some of their own. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with volume in their eyebrows but it doesn’t mean that the dream of