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Hair Transplant Side Effects

A hair transplant is a procedure that can cure your hair loss for good and completely change your life. Like all procedures, hair restoration surgery also has some minor side effects that will go away within a week after the procedure. It’s important that a patient knows what these side effects are so that it doesn’t cause panic and stress once noticed. Here is the IHI list of Hair Transplant Side Effects to look out for. 

Scalp Pain & Swelling

One common side effect you may observe after a hair transplant procedure is scalp a bit of scalp discomfort and swelling. This may last a few days but your doctor will prescribe medications to help with the pain and swelling. At IHI Clinic, we will prescribe a 50 mg of Tramadol. You can take 1 or 2 tablets as needed after every 6 hours. 


Ignoring an itch can be extremely annoying but it is something that needs to be done after your hair transplant procedure. Scratching your newly implanted grafts can cause them to get knocked out of place. For a few days after your surgery, you shouldn’t wash your hair or press and hold down any grafts. It is also important that you use gentle shampoo to wash your hair for the first 3 weeks after the surgery. Do your self a favor and avoid touching your grafts!


After your procedure, you may notice a little bit of redness on your scalp. Don’t worry, this will calm after a few days and your skin will be good as new! 

Shock Loss

Hair Restoration

Shock loss is a temporary shedding of the grafts that occurs on the 3rd or 4th month of the procedure. It will feel scary to see your new grafts falling out but don’t worry. This is the natural hair growth process and he follicles will grow back stronger than before. Check out our recent client Timothy 6 month after the procedure! You can see that after a longer period of time, his hair is growing in nicely. The newly implanted follicles take 12 months to fully grow out.

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