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Eyebrow Transplant

In today’s day and age, eyebrows are everything! People go to great lengths to make sure their eyebrows are in perfect shape with makeup, tweezing, threading, laser procedures,  and waxing. With all of the work put in to getting one’s eyebrows to look perfect, it’s such a shame to go home, wash your face and realize you don’t have eyebrows to begin with. If you are in the situation of not having enough eyebrow hairs, its about time you come in to our clinic and get real eyebrows of your very own. 

When we say Eyebrow restoration we mean the surgical procedure to re-position the eyebrow. But what does that really mean for you as a patient? With advancing age, it is common that the eyebrow loses its volume, thickness and sometimes, quantity. Eyebrow re-positioning is a commonly performed procedure in cosmetic surgery. The brow is re-positioned, optimally, for the desire of the patient as well as to correct the descent of numbers in hair and follicles. 

Eyebrow transplants are specifically designed to help restore growing hair to eyebrows that are overly thin, scarred, and/or completely missing. Let us help you achieve that .


The absence of hair can be due to genetics, prior electrolysis or laser hair removal, over-plucking, thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities, or trauma due to surgery, burns or other types of accidents. 

Treatment Plan: 

The donor hairs come from the back of the scalp, where the healthiest hair is found. When they hair is transplanted into the eyebrows, they will continue to grow for a lifetime therefor, they will need to be trimmed about once a month. To provide a natural appearance, the one or two hairs are transplanted at a time while preserving the direction of the natural eyebrow hair growth. This is a very delicate procedure, requiring perfect placement of these hairs. Our Choi Implanter, which we use for the procedure is angled at just the right direction and positioned to mimic natural hair growth. 

A procedure typically involves the placement of 50-325 hairs into each eyebrow, depending upon the existing amount of hair and the desired size and density. Performed usually under a mild oral sedative, the two-hour procedure is essentially painless, as is the recovery period. 

For the first two to four days after the procedure, tiny crusts form around each transplanted hair. By three to five days, other than some occasional mild pinkness which fades out by the first week, patients are able to return to normal activities without any sign of having had a procedure. The transplanted hairs fall out at around two weeks, then start to regrow at three months. After the 3 month period, they will continue to grow for a lifetime.

IHI use one of the best technologies in hair transplantation. ( The Choi Implanter Pen )

Here at International Hair Institute natural looking results are guaranteed .

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Eyebrow Transplant V.S. Micro Microblading

Microblading: A cosmetic procedure where pigmented tattoo lines are used to shape and fill in the eyebrows to give the look of thicker brows. Microblading needs to be touched up every few years. 

Eyebrow Transplant: During an eyebrow transplant, your real hairs from the donor area are transplanted to your eyebrow area through a surgical procedure. These are permanent results since they are your real hairs. 

Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow transplant is a procedure that involves getting your hairs from other areas of your body implanted on the eyebrow area. This is a permanent solution to hair loss or lack of hair in the brow area. 


Microblading is a tattoo technique that colors in the eyebrows using very fine lines that give the illusion of real hair. It’s done using a hand-held tool instead of a machine like in normal eyebrow tattooing.

Microblading is not a permanent solution to getting perfect brows. It lasts up to three years and one might need to come back for touch ups.

Eyebrow Transplant Near Me

If you live in the Chicago area, our clinic location will be a perfect commute! Click, Hair Transplants Near Me to see how long your commute will be!

Eyebrow Transplant Gone Wrong

If you are serious about getting your eyebrow transplant done, you have probably heard of the countless horror stories of eyebrow and hair transplants gone wrong. This is an important thing to consider when on the hunt for a trusted clinic. Failed procedures usually occur when a clinic gives out cheap transplants or is focused more on making a sale than the actual patient. Here at IHI, Dr. Carlos Puig is passionate about giving his patients permanent  results that will last a lifetime. With his 48 years of expertise and over 20,000 procedures under his belt, you can expect that you will be getting the best results at our clinic.  

Eyebrow Transplant Cost

An eyebrow transplant is a pricier method of achieving perfect brows but they are your real brows and you will have the freedom to do anything you wish with them. That alone is worth every penny! The cost of an eyebrow transplant depends on the grafts needed for each individual person. The price of the surgery can not be determined until we see your scalp during the consultation. 

To get a better understanding of the pricing, go to out Pricing Page

Eyebrow Transplant Before & After

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You’re In Good Hands

With 48 years of experience in the field Dr. Puig is one of the best. Dr. Puig was given the Golden Follicle Award 2012, in recognition of a lifetime of professional contributions. The Golden Follicle is the most respected and sought after award in the field.

For the best hair restoration results you need someone that has a lot experience and has been in the field for a long time. That's why you should trust us at IHI to help you.

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