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When we say Eyebrow restoration we mean the surgical procedure to re-position the eyebrow. But what does that really mean for you as a patient? With advancing age, it is common that the eyebrow loses its volume, thickness and sometimes quantity. Eyebrow re-positioning is a commonly performed procedure in cosmetic surgery. The brow is re-positioned, optimally, for the wishes of the patient as well as to correct the descent of numbers in hair and follicles. 


Eyebrow transplants are specifically designed to help restore growing hair to eyebrows that are overly thin, scarred, and/or completely missing. Let us help you achieve that .


The absence of hair can be due to genetics, prior electrolysis or laser hair removal, over-plucking, thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities, or trauma due to surgery, burns or other types of accidents. 

Treatment Plan: 

The donor hairs come from the scalp bottom hairline where the finest hairs are found, which, when transplanted into the eyebrows, continue to grow for a lifetime and therefore need to be trimmed typically once a month. To provide a natural appearance, the hairs are transplanted primarily one (FUE) and occasionally two at a time, while preserving the direction in which the natural eyebrow hairs grow. This is a very delicate procedure, requiring perfect placement of these hairs using our Choi Implanter that is angled at just the right direction and positioned to mimic natural growth. 

A procedure typically involves the placement of 50- 325 hairs into each eyebrow, depending upon the existing amount of hair and the desired size and density. Performed usually under a mild oral sedative, the two-hour procedure is essentially painless, as is the recovery period. 

For the first two to four days after the procedure, tiny crusts form around each transplanted hair. By three to five days, other than some occasional mild pinkness which fades out by the first week, patients are able to return to normal activities without any sign of having had a procedure. The transplanted hairs fall out at around two weeks, then start to regrow at three months, where they will continue to grow for a lifetime .

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